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What's the Experience of Wearing Dentures?

As people age, their physical functions decline, and so do their teeth.

Teeth can become loose or fall out due to various oral issues, leading more and more middle-aged and elderly people to wear dentures.

Dentures can be classified into removable, fixed, and implant-supported types. Among them, long-term use of removable dentures can cause a certain degree of gum atrophy. The longer they are worn, the lower their fit becomes, leading to repeated friction and ulceration in the mouth.

If such ulcers fail to heal within two weeks, it's crucial to seek medical attention promptly!

1. unfitting Dentures May Cause Cancer!

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Removable dentures are a popular choice among the elderly. They are worn during the day for chewing and removed at night to be soaked in a cleaning solution.

However, removable dentures are not as good as natural teeth. Each set has a lifespan, typically 3 to 5 years. If worn beyond this period, they may experience aging, wear, and poor fit. Prolonged friction from ill-fitting dentures can easily damage the gums, leading to mucosal injuries and ulcers. Worse still, repeated injuries can increase the risk of cancer, as seen in the case of Ms. Liu.

No one expects a connection between dentures and cancer, emphasizing the importance of wearing them scientifically.

2. How to Determine if Dentures Can Continue to Be Used?

If you experience any of the following issues while wearing dentures, it's time for a replacement:

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If the dentures feel uncomfortable even after a period of adjustment, causing pain, ulcers, or bleeding.


If the dentures are unstable, such as frequently falling out or showing signs of shifting.

Food Trapping
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If food residue often gets stuck between the dentures and natural teeth, indicating a large gap.

If you or your loved ones experience any of the above issues, it's recommended to consult a dentist promptly for a replacement or alternative treatment options. Remember, regular check-ups every year are crucial for maintaining the lifespan and fit of removable dentures. Timely adjustments are essential to prevent potential complications. As always, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are the key to effective medical care.


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