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What are the hazards of long-term wearing removable dentures?


While removable dentures serve as a temporary solution for tooth loss, prolonged wear can lead to numerous potential issues. These include loosening and decay of adjacent teeth, absorption of alveolar bone resulting in loose dentures, and damage to the oral mucosa causing ulcers. Therefore, when facing tooth loss, it's crucial to not only consider the convenience and cost of restoration but also its long-term impact on oral health. If conditions permit, dental implantation may be a more ideal option, avoiding the potential problems associated with removable dentures and better safeguarding oral health.


Removable dentures are typically fixed to adjacent teeth using wires. The daily removal and replacement process can gradually loosen the neighboring teeth, similar to a chronic extraction process. Additionally, the wires placed next to the teeth are difficult to clean, leading to the accumulation of plaque and, over time, decay of the adjacent teeth.

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Removable dentures rest directly on the alveolar bone. When chewing, the biting force presses directly on the alveolar bone, leading to its absorption. This is why many people initially feel comfortable with their removable dentures but over time may notice them becoming looser.

Especially for older individuals who have lost multiple teeth and worn removable dentures for years, the dentures may become so loose that they fall out while speaking, let alone chewing food. This can significantly impact their quality of life, leading them to seek dental implants. However, due to alveolar bone atrophy, they may have already missed the optimal timing for implantation.


Wearing ill-fitting or outdated dentures can easily cause trauma to the oral mucosa, leading to ulcers. Many patients who have worn removable dentures for years experience prolonged and unresolved mouth ulcers due to the sharp edges of worn-down dentures. This not only causes significant discomfort but also reduces appetite, affecting overall health.

In the past, removable dentures were common among patients with missing teeth, but in recent years, their use has become increasingly rare. The main reason for this is discomfort and inconvenience caused by the need to remove and replace them daily. Additionally, some patients may experience psychological barriers after wearing removable dentures, affecting their social activities.

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Prolonged use of removable dentures can lead to various issues such as loosening and decay of adjacent teeth, absorption of alveolar bone causing loose dentures, and damage to the oral mucosa resulting in ulcers. These problems not only cause discomfort but also impact quality of life. Therefore, when considering tooth restoration, it's crucial to weigh all factors. If conditions permit, dental implantation may be a better option, avoiding the long-term hazards associated with removable dentures. China Dental Lab, specializing in denture restoration, can provide professional advice and services to help you make the best decision for your oral health.


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