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What nursing care should the elderly do when wearing dentures?

(1) Removable dentures may feel uncomfortable when speaking and chewing due to baseplates and metal buckles. Allow time to adapt.

In this case, don't give up or take them off just because they feel uncomfortable. Stick to it for a while and let your mouth adapt to them. Then you will be able to use them normally.

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(2) Wear dentures correctly: it may be difficult to wear dentures at the beginning. At this time, you should repeatedly practice according to the doctor's instructions and figure out the right way to wear them. Don't be too impatient when wearing them, and don't push or bite them with your teeth, which may hurt your gums and damage the dentures.

(3) Brush them after meals: when wearing removable dentures, pay attention to the remaining natural teeth in your mouth. After each meal, take off the dentures, brush them clean, and rinse your mouth with water.

Food stuck between dentures and natural teeth can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and loose teeth. It's important to clean these areas thoroughly. Therefore, brush them after meals in time.

(4) Pay attention to your diet: removable dentures are made of plastic and can't bear too much chewing pressure. Therefore, pay attention to your diet when wearing them and avoid chewing too hard food. Start with soft food and gradually adapt to normal hardness food.

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(5) Seek medical attention promptly if there is pain: dentures may cause pain due to compression of the mucosa during wearing. At this time, don't endure the pain and wear them forcibly, which may damage the mucosa. Go to the hospital for examination in time. Soak the dentures in clean cold water, put them on before going to the hospital, and let the doctor accurately find out the location of the pain.

Don't wear dentures while sleeping to avoid them falling out and being swallowed, which could be dangerous. Take them off before going to bed and soak them in cold water. Avoid using hot water or alcohol to prevent deformation of the dentures.

Older individuals need to regularly check their teeth and have them cleaned to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. Leftover food and plaque in the mouth can lead to these issues. It is important for older people to take care of their oral health to maintain a healthy mouth.


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