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What to Do When Your Dentures Smell Bad?

I. Reasons and Solutions for Bad-Smelling Dentures

Dentures can help with chewing and make our mouths look better, but they can smell bad if not taken care of. This odor can affect our oral health and social life.

Improperly installed fixed dentures can create gaps. Food residue can accumulate in these gaps. This can cause bacteria to grow.

The result is bad odor. In such cases, it is necessary to remove the crown and inspect the base tooth for decay. If the tooth is healthy, the dentist can repair it and reinstall a new crown. You should regularly remove, thoroughly clean, and disinfect removable dentures using cleaning tablets.

II. Why Do Dentures Smell Bad Even When They Look Normal?

Sometimes, even without visible issues, dentures can emit a bad odor. This could be due to plaque build-up along the gum edges, leading to gum inflammation and recession.

This shows where the dentures meet the gums. It can make it easier for plaque and food to build up in that area. This buildup can lead to bad breath.

To avoid this problem, make sure to floss regularly to clean the gums and use mouthwash to reduce inflammation. Regularly flossing helps clean the gum edges. Using mouthwash can help soothe inflammation. Dentists also recommend annual check-ups to ensure the dentures are in good condition.

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III. Costs and Options for Replacing Dentures

The cost of replacing dentures varies depending on the type, material, and restoration method chosen. Removable dentures are usually cheaper but may not look as nice. They often consist of acrylic or metal.

Fixed dentures, like porcelain fused to metal bridges, provide better chewing ability but are more expensive. Dental implants are a high-quality option for restoring teeth, offering better looks and comfort. However, they are also the most costly choice.

When considering a replacement, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option based on your personal needs and budget. Choosing a trustworthy dental lab, like a China Dental Lab, is important. This ensures you receive durable and high-quality dentures.


People should not ignore the common problem of bad-smelling dentures. It is important to understand the causes of oral health issues. Also important to know possible solutions and associated costs. It's important to know about replacement options to maintain good oral health and quality of life.

Understanding the causes of oral health issues can help you prevent them. Knowing the solutions can help you address any existing problems. Being aware of the costs can help you plan for necessary treatments. Exploring replacement options can help you make informed decisions about your oral health care.

Regular cleaning and check-ups are crucial to prevent the accumulation of food residue and bacteria. When you need a replacement, choose a trustworthy dental laboratory and dentist. This will ensure a successful restoration process.


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